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Progress on PARCC, push for more

The Senate Education Committee has approved several good PARCC bills that should be passed by the entire Senate. The Committee has not yet voted on two other very important bills that protect students and schools from the harmful effects of PARCC.

Please take a moment to write a letter your Senator.

Sick/Personal Days, Final Voucher Payments, Retro Checks

Due to technical difficulty, sick and personal day information, which generally appears on the paystub, will not be included on stubs for the June 22, 2015 pay cycle. It will appear on checks for any vouchers submitted after June 17, 2015 and on retro checks, for those receiving them. Final voucher and Retro checks are scheduled to be mailed out the first week of July. If you are not receiving a retro check or need this information sooner, please send an email request to Laura at: lrosini@mpsnj.org

Important Reminder for Employees Covered by Pension and/or Health Benefits


Pursuant to Chapter 78, P.L. 20, Pension and Health Benefit Reform, PERS and TPAF employee pension contribution rates will increase to 7.06% of salary, beginning with the first paycheck in July 2015, for ALL PERS and TPAF members who currently contribute 6.92% of their salary. The July 1, 2015 increase is the FIFTH rate increase under the provisions of Chapter 78, which calls for PERS and TPAF employee pension contribution rates to increase over 7 years until the total pension contribution rate is 7.5% of salary as of July 2018.

Employee Health Benefit contributions will increase effective July 1, 2015.
Midland Park employees covered by health benefits will fall into one of three following scenarios:
  1. 1.   Employees who are currently in the YEAR TWO phase,  will move to the YEAR THREE phase. Your contribution will be based either on the YEAR THREE charts, or 1 ½% of your salary, whichever is GREATER.

2.    All eligible new employees to the district and employees who are currently in the YEAR FOUR phase will remain in the YEAR FOUR phase. Your contribution will be based either on the YEAR FOUR charts, or 1 ½% of your salary, whichever is GREATER.

For employees who wish to estimate their health benefit contributions amounts, percentage of premium worksheets and percentage of premium calculators are available on the Division’s Web site at:

At the Division’s home page select “Percentage of premium calculators” under “Hot topics”.
After visiting the Pension website, if you have any questions regarding these changes, please feel free to contact the Payroll & Benefits Coordinator, Laura Rosini, at lrosini@mpsnj.org or call at extension 105.